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Let Inspiration take You to new Heights

my heart, so full of expressions and words

if I were to write them all down, the ink in my pen would run out

but for the most sincere feelings only few letters are enough

for you I'll write in all and any colors

I want to fill your heart to the brink with yellow and red and make more room for blue and purple

and if one day our hearts are full with rainbows, they will maybe match perfectly

black is also color

and if I find your heart dark and crowded with blankness, I will split the black into yellow, green and blue

every one in the crowd is a color and I want to see you shining brightly from afar

in the crowd we all might feel alone

we get closer to the warmth and what we feel is close to us

but if the world around is is bright and colored, there will be none who is identical, but we all will be similar

let me be by your side and let's take together what we desire

the brightly shining stars cradled in our palms

let's enchant every single one with a wish

a lonely road get's faster by with a heart close to yours

with the yellow, red and green connected

let's walk our road

and after the night fades

and every wish of the stars is released into the stream

maybe the thing that will remain is us